“I hired Whitney to help me make friends with social media, as well as to act as my PR maven in sending out a press release for my book, Teaching People Not Poses: 12 Principles for Teaching Yoga with Integrity. Aside from schooling me in the practical ways of social media, she also helped me to brainstorm ways to make it feel like ME, so that the way I put myself out there to clients and prospective clients had integrity and character. As for the press release–I heard from more than one of the recipients of said press release that it was the best one they had ever read. Whitney is a master at seeing the big picture, turning it into a story with details that touch the heart strings of others and that build relationships of integrity. Her relational approach not only feels fun and good, but it also creates a solid foundation for your offer to reach more people in a way that leads to more sales.”
Grace & Grit Yoga, Owner

“Listening is a skill and an art-form and Whitney brings this dynamic balance to the table in her ability to work with clients to help guide them to find their brand “north star.” With an eye and discipline to follow details backed with the sure knowledge that authentic storytelling requires a consistent brand story in the background, Whitney is a superb choice for brands who seek to build a genuine community with their customers.”
Innate Gear, Managing Director

“Whitney, plain and simple, is a muse for Chaco. Whitney has a tuned sense of rightness when it comes to energizing our Chaconians at the center of our brand. This is an extension of Whitney’s passion for all things thoughtful – she brings a contemplative, yet light-hearted energy to her work and Chaco is the fortunate benefactor. Chaco is honest design and Whitney, undoubtedly, has helped give Chaco an honest voice.”
Chaco, Director of Product Development

“I cannot say enough about Whitney. She is a bright person on many levels both in her intelligence and the way she interacts with people in a friendly but professional manner. I always find that every time I speak to her she is a wealth of information and a constant professional. She understands how important business relationships are and fosters those to build a trusting work environment to build success upon. She is timely and concise in her communication, which is always appreciated in a busy world. Anyone would be lucky to have Whitney on their team – she is fabulous.”
— Patagonia, Managing Editor

“Alright, listen up. Take yourself back to Michigan 1968, Detroit’s Grande Ballroom where a charged crowd cheers over the feedback of Wayne Kramer’s guitar when all of a sudden a mic yielding Rob Tyner launches into MC5’s Kick Out the Jams… the room explodes. When discussing Whitney, an introduction of any less amplitude would be downright disrespectful. I’ve been working with Whitney for the better part of her professional career from Merrell Tech Rep, to Patagonia Brand Ambassador, to Chaco’s Soul Savior. Her strength as an individual gracefully propels her passion for whatever she chooses to do at any given time. She brings all of herself to everything she identifies with professionally and personally. Her optimism is infectious to pandemic proportions. If you’re fortunate enough to work with her you’ll understand what I mean. She’s the genuine article and someone I’m happy to call my friend. Thanks Whit!”
JDK Design, 3D Design Director

“Whitney has found the perfect balance… she is extremely professional and still approachable. Business savvy yet allows herself to dream big and think creatively. She is a clear and conscious communicator and takes on any role within a project with vigor, laughs, and responsibility. Whitney does not lose track of her goal despite the hurdles and always seems to find the ground in the middle where all invested are taken care of.”
brick+mortar productions, Founding Partner

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